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Guided to the Higher Realms: A Personal Journey of Ascension through Meditation describes Paula’s process of meditation and discovery of the power of vibration for personal healing and accessing higher dimensions of consciousness. It is a captivating journey of transformation leading to ultimate freedom. 


Advanced praise for Guided to the Higher Realms

“Paula has tuned into a vibrational frequency of advanced awareness that we may all experience. She is far more advanced than most in consciousness.  Her message has helped me realize that my ‘present world’ is nothing compared to what is!”

Calvin LeHew
Flying High, visionary author, lecturer

“Sincerity, diligence and an open heart have guided Paula to insights others have yet to experience, until this day.”

Rev. Steve Henry
ADL Minister

Excerpt from Guided to the Higher Realms:

Going Deeper

Over the next several months I continued to be diligent in my meditation practice and attend the weekly classes. When I got to The Wall in meditation, I found I had to dig deeper to get beyond it. I had to have the courage to be vulnerable, naked and bare to myself.  It was a necessary step for me to take now.  I had to be open and honest with myself, let go of my created image of myself, to find my True Self. Only then could I feel what was really inside me. Only then could I receive intuition/insight and feel what was really going on. Only then could I allow the Divine to work through me.

In class, we talked about the importance of knowing ourselves, which some call self-realization. I had once thought that I was a wife, a daughter, a career-woman, an artist, but when I began to meditate, I realized that I was much more than the roles I was living. Going deeper, I realized that I held a pure essence in my spirit.  I could finally recognize the purer nature of my being. This self-awareness was the same one that I had felt as a child of two, and as I felt today.  It was so close to me, yet I had not seen it. My pure essence resonated its own note, flavor and beauty.  I also recognized that every living thing has its own, unique and pure expression within it.  The more I connected with Source during meditation, the more strongly I felt my true Self.  There was a link between this loving presence that permeated all of creation and my self-awareness.  I felt myself as a manifestation of Source.  It was humbling because I also saw others the same way.  When we know our Selves, we no longer harbor anger in our hearts because we are able to also see the beauty in others.  When we are connected to Source we have an unlimited reserve of love to give to others, and when we are connected to Source, we feel supported in any situation.  I realized how we are each responsible for how we choose to express our True Self; our gifts, talents abilities; our intention, wishes; our love and compassion.

I saw that there are many layers of the Self. They can be compared to a Russian doll; the outer doll holds within it another, and another, and another inner doll. In a similar way, there is the Self that is choosing to be active on Earth, the Higher Self that is connected to a greater purpose, the even Higher Selves that exist actively in other realms, and an even larger encompassing Self that is no longer individual, but integrated into the wholeness of God/Source.  I felt deep gratitude for the Grace that enabled these realizations.

About Paula Forget

Paula Forget developed an interest in the nature of consciousness in her early teens, when she displayed precognitive ability. Hoping to find answers to her questions about the nature of time, she studied the parapsychological research, which was still in its discovery stages in academic institutions in the United States. In her 20’s Paula conducted independent research on Kirlean photography and bio-feedback. Over a period of 30 years, she experienced several spiritual awakenings which led her to discover meditation. Through meditation she was healed of rheumatoid arthritis and discovered the profound meaning of life. The transformation she experienced is what is described in this book.

As she was pursuing her spiritual path, Paula had careers in several industries, including insurance, hospitality and fine arts. She teaches Meditations for Everyday Living classes and leads groups on journeys of personal discovery. She continues to explore the nature of consciousness and share her deep understanding of the mystical nature of spiritual realization.


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